Zelenskyy and Ukraine Misinformation

By Olivia Murray

Published: March 1, 2022 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

Ukraine, formerly a constituent republic of the defunct Soviet Union, is unknown to a majority of Americans. However, in recent days, the geopolitical relationship between Ukraine and Russia has been dominating the news cycle.

With even the more politically conservative outlets hyping the conflict and uniting with Hollywood and left-wing news agencies in an anti-Putin posture, consumers of mainstream media should be concerned.

Who is Volodymyr Zelenskyy? What is true, and what is pro-war propaganda?

In 2014, under Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the U.S. engaged in a coup against the Ukrainian government. With his election to office in 2019, Zelenskyy is a member of the new guard. The same new guard that allowed for Hunter Biden and Paul Pelosi Jr. to cash in on the rampant corruption in the energy business; discreetly worked with Clinton to sabotage President Trumpand supports the globalist agenda.

In a segment on Fox News, Kira Rudik, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, said “We not only fight for Ukraine, we fight for this New World Order.” Conveniently for supporters of a one-world government, the hostilities ‘necessitated’ Ukraine joining the European Union for support; and Zelenskyy signed an application for membership just yesterday.

Among outlets like CNN and MSNBC, Fox News stands out as a more moderate option; although it is still a piece of the mockingbird machine. The Instagram account for Fox News posted a picture of a glamorous Miss Ukraine, holding an “assault rifle,” yet in reality it’s just an airsoft toy. Other posts feature quotes by warmongering neoconservatives like Nikki Haley and Dan Crenshaw, encouraging American involvement.

“NATO was built for this reason – to stop Russia from invading countries.” – Dan Crenshaw

“Ukrainian heroism is not only contagious – it is providing the world an amazing example of the courage we all need. The time to act is now.” – Nikki Haley

This is the pro-war propaganda perpetuated by cogs in the military-industrial complex. Crenshaw owns stock in Boeing, one of the biggest beneficiaries of taxpayer money.

The goal is war, it always is.