Virginia Race: The Battle is Local

By Olivia Murray

Published: November 4, 2021 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

Just two days ago, Americans gathered at the ballot box to cast their votes in races across the country. Many of these contests were closely watched, but perhaps none so much as the gubernatorial seat in Virginia.

In light of recent events, many on both sides of the aisle believed the governor’s race in Virginia to be a referendum on the Left’s ideas of governance. Woke policies that led to the rape of an underage female student in Loudon County; the request by the National School Boards Association to use aspects of the PATRIOT Act against protective parents; and endless medical tyranny at the hands of unelected bureaucrats and unconstitutional agencies.

At a campaign stop for the Democrat candidate, Kamala Harris even said “What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.”

Now, this was a crucial win for the people of Virginia. They are out from under the thumb of men like Ralph Northam and Terry McAuliffe, but the outcome of this race does not affect Americans outside of the state of Virginia.

There is an incredibly valuable lesson to be gleaned though; the races that have the most impact and affect upon a person are those within the borders of states; federal contests ought not to be the primary focus.

Americans have been asleep at the wheel, but the tyrannical measures taken by all levels of government since the appearance of you-know-what has awakened many. If people were to look back over the past year at the inexhaustible list of government overreach, they may very well recognize many of the same offenses. Biden’s “mask mandates,” the shuttering of private businesses, and “mandatory” injections of experimental Big Pharma concoctions.

What can be done to rein in unchecked tyrants, if anything? Is there a remedy for abuses of the government? 

The answer is a resounding yes. And where does that answer lie?

Securing local and statewide elected positions truly is the greatest weapon we have against an out of control federal government. Americans have been sold a false bill of goods, that the political landscape is predominantly impacted by the President and Congress. However, this is untrue, as the States of this Union hold more sovereign power than the federal government.

The reality is this: If the States secure their governments by electing true Constitutionalists, there is no room for federal encroachment. Congress can pass all the tyrannical laws they so desire, and the President can rule as a dictator through heavy-handed executive orders, but without a complying state, those measures are moot.

Our Founders conceived this nation in liberty, and with it drafted up one of the most ingenious documents to ever govern. In Federalist 45, James Madison wrote, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal Government, are few and defined [emphasis added]. Those which are to remain in the State Governments are numerous and indefinite.”

In order to dutifully honor our national inheritance, becoming well-versed in the Constitution and the true hierarchy of American government is absolutely essential. An accurate and thorough understanding of the limits of the federal government and the power of the States is our path to freedom and liberty.

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