Turncoats in the Ranks

By Olivia Murray

Published: February 17, 2022 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

Names like John McCain and Mitt Romney are synonymous with the word ‘traitor,’ but over the last few years, turncoats that usually fly under the radar have surfaced. 

Dan Crenshaw, Navy SEAL turned congressman from Texas, supports “red flag” laws (gun confiscation without due process); praised Adam Kinzinger, a “Republican” who voted for the January 6 committee and to impeach President Trump; and claims Biden fairly won the election.

But this betrayal is not isolated to the federal sphere, it pollutes lawmaking at the state level as well. With the new year, state legislatures across the country have convened into session. In just the last month or so, around 20 bills to protect children from agenda-driven mutilation have been proposed, but “few are advancing amid resistance from Republican leaders.”

In Arizona, lawmakers put forth a meaningful election integrity bill, only to have the Republican Speaker of the House, Rusty Bowers, utilize an antiquated maneuver to ensure its failure. In the southern part of the state, the Pima County GOP is providing unfair advantages to their preferred candidate, one whose career was dedicated to dismembering babies in the womb.

It’s obvious the Democrat Party is opposed to conservative values and working-class Americans, but attacking the Democrats is not a winning strategy. They are in lockstep towards communism, and unconcerned with accountability. Attempting to appeal to a Marxist’s moral compass is futile, as their “morality” is objectively misplaced.

However, where conservatives can be effective, and have a duty to do so, is in cleaning up the Republican Party and restoring the traditional principles on which it is founded. There is a war going on, between treasonous leadership and the conservative base. Conservatives have forfeited control of the party to Establishment elites like Mitch McConnell and Ronna McDaniel.

So how can this be done? How can we regain the ground we have lost?

Become an elected Precinct Committeeman in the Republican Party. There are over 200,000 open positions across the United States, and filling those vacancies with America First patriots would decisively change the GOP, and therefore the political landscape. True conservative victories would become the norm in politics, not the exception.

Questions? I can be reached at olivia@speaktruthwithoutfear.com to learn more, or join our community here to listen to an archived class on the subject.