The Twerking Senator

By Matthew Thomas

Published: July 15, 2022 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

A few months ago, African American Senate candidate Gary Chambers Jr. aired a campaign video which showed him smoking weed – it promptly went viral on Twitter. He used the video to outline the irregularities in arrests in his home state of Louisiana, saying members of the Black community were four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana violations over their White counterparts. The video was branded ‘a bold move,’ with some calling it unprofessional and said that it reinforces negative stereotypes about the Black population. 

While I don’t agree with his tactics, I think it’s a noble act to raise awareness about discrepant and unjust laws in your state and how they negatively impact the citizens of your local community. The biggest takeaway from the debate though, was where do we draw the line with what is and isn’t acceptable behavior from our elected officials.

Not to be outdone, here comes Rhode Island state senator Tiara Mack, who recently released a TikTok of her twerking upside down in a bikini, before reminding people to vote for her in the upcoming election. Of course, she is a Democrat – Mack campaigns on teaching queer inclusive and pleasure-based sexual education to youngsters and the Green New Deal. This is textbook “progressive” Democrat behavior – you have to either be a degenerate sexual deviant or a bootlicker to garner status or a prominent position in their ranks.

The Black community overwhelmingly votes Democrat, because American propaganda machines have fearmongered with a White supremacist boogeyman for so long, we think this subpar representation is the only option. You won’t see any White, liberal, female politician prostituting for a vote, but it’s ‘empowering’ when the Black token does it? Are these the people who can put an end to White supremacy? They are the biggest advocates of it with their degeneracy. When young black women observe unbecoming behavior from both the women in the music and entertainment industry, and now politics, what is the likely outcome? Well, like all young adults, these impressionable women model the behavior, and in turn, lose credibility as contributive members of society. Black families are traditionally conservative but White progressivism has permeated our community, becoming an inescapable and malignant cancer. There needs to be a mass exodus from Western “progressive” culture and education until we can become responsible gatekeepers to our community. Otherwise there will just be another Tiara Mack when we tire from the current one.