The Psyop of the Republican Big Tent

By Olivia Murray

Published: January 27, 2022 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

In May of 2021, Kevin McCarthy, California congressman and House Minority Leader, wrote a letter to his colleagues, referring to the Republican Party as “a big tent party.” 

So, what is a “big tent” party?

This phrase refers to a broad, inclusive approach, inviting everyone to become a “Republican;” because regardless of values and beliefs, the Party will accommodate and adjust accordingly.

Without a doubt, the Republican Party has adopted the idea of “Big Tent” politics. Some of the most high-profile “Republicans” include(d): Pro-war neocons like John McCain; pro-abortion feminists like senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and open-borders billionaires, the Koch brothers.

The foundation of the Republican party is based upon Christian morality; conceived in 1854 with the sole purpose of abolishing slavery. In years since, the party has embraced additional tenets, enumerating these stances. Several of the most notable include life for the innocent; limited government to protect the individual, fiscal responsibility, and an advocacy for the nuclear family.

To the conservative base that makes up the party, these are common sense standards. So why the initiative by Republican leaders to bring in those that vehemently oppose those values?

Because, what is sold as an inclusive strategy to welcome all, is really an intentional and covert operation designed to weaken the high moral standards of the true Republican platform.

In 2020, this headline ran about a race in New Hampshire. This individual ran as a Republican, and Republican voters actually nominated DiMezzo to represent them in the general election over other Republican candidates. The Chairwoman of the county Republican Party even said DiMezzo “did very well with the primary and that was wonderful.”

A local Republican leader actually saying it was “wonderful” that a transsexual satanist who despised law enforcement won the nomination to potentially become the county’s chief law enforcer. The only explanation is that this is a calculated scheme to erode the integrity of the Republican party.

At this rate, and without disciplining Republican leadership, in 10 years, the GOP will be exactly where the Democrat party is today.