The ‘Make America California’ New Deal

By Matthew Thomas

Published: April 28, 2022 Noon EST

(3 minute read)

In recent and past interviews with the press, you may have heard Governor “hair gel” Gavin Newsom refer to the embattled state as a model for what the rest of America should strive to be – followed by spewing empty statistics that never get fact-checked, like how Californians pay less taxes than Texans, or touting the amount of venture capital firms and startups moving to or already operating within the state etc. It’s the same tone-deaf approach all career politicians take to deflect on their shortcomings, promoting a false narrative with the media running cover.

During his inauguration, Newsom claimed that the California dream was only attainable to a select few because of rising costs and a disappearing middle class. The caste system is as prevalent as it was then, and further exaggerated by his horrible pandemic policies.

But then I got to thinking…. What if this is the blueprint they envision for America? What happens when you place a rotten piece of fruit next to fresh fruit? They all start to decay at an accelerated rate. A record number of people left the state of California in 2020 and 2021 to find better opportunities, and the effects have been felt in neighboring states. Real estate prices are at all-time highs now in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, mostly because of California transplants and California money. It’s tough to say if their policies will follow but I predict in the next ten years, Montana could be the only majority red state west of the Mississippi. 

A handful of California politicians in this current administration could possibly orchestrate the biggest finesse in American political history. I call it the “Make America California New Deal.”

  1. Increase the poverty rate. Make rent, utilities, food, and taxes so high, you wipe out the middle class and oversaturate the job market to make stable careers harder to attain. Wages cannot surpass cost of living so a majority of families stay in a perpetual cycle of debt or live paycheck to paycheck.
  2. Defund community programs. I recently read that California 8th graders were testing at 5th grade math levels. An uneducated community will more than likely pivot into crime and degeneracy creating more problems for the government to “solve.” 
  3. Be soft on crime. This may be one of the most important steps. California has been the litmus test for the Defund the Police movement. After the 2020 summer of BLM, the Los Angeles county government cut funding from the LAPD by the millions, and countless violent offenders were released back into the streets; only to commit more rapes, shootings, and thefts. Take the recent mass shooting as an example: Biden and Newsom used the tragedy as a partisan talking point to push more unconstitutional gun control measures on law-abiding citizens.

Step 4. Create more tariffs to combat government created issues. Tax on gas to fix crumbling infrastructure. Tax on income and capital gains for state-funded healthcare and abortions. Hunting, fishing, owning a firearm, breathing – you name it, there’s a tax for it here.

Next thing you know, the government has a multi-billion-dollar slush fund budget surplus to waste on projects of its choosing – ones that will ultimately make no tangible difference in the lives of constituents.

Get involved in your local community and stop the madness before the California New Deal makes into your freedom-loving state lines.