The Grape$ of VAX

By Melissa K

Published: October 9, 2021 2:30pm EST

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This week on Speak Truth Without Fear, we ran a special series titled “From Hero To Fired.” In it, Jordan, Ross, and Anthony proudly spoke with many (we received hundreds of emails and stories) of the brave patriots who were illegally fired without the ability to collect unemployment, or were placed on “unpaid leave;” all because they stood by their religious and medical convictions and refused the “Fauci Jab.”

As my colleague Jordan Hui wrote in his article, “yesterday’s heroes are now on the chopping block– and medical workers aren’t the only ones. First responders and government employees, lab technicians, and public school teachers have been marginalized and segregated.” 

(Photo from @Fleccas)

Thankfully, Andrew Crapuchettes founded and runs Red Balloon to help these fired workers find new employment. You can watch the live with Andrew from October 6th here.

(October 6th’s IG Live with Red Balloon founder & CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes)

As guest respiratory care practitioner Jake Gartrell explained on October 4th’s IG live, the fact that Big Gov is controlling the labor force is a very, SCARY reality; and we all must band together to fight the system.

(October 4th STWF Live with Jake Gartrell)

The conclusive theme behind the final employment outcome for each person we spoke with was the same: not one termination decision was backed by scientific or legal rationale. As we unpack the truth, you’ll see the nefarious underlying agendas; although they don’t make any logical sense, as noted in Olivia Murray’s latest article for STWF , they make a whole lot of financial cent$.

Cent$ for the elites that is, not us “We the People” rubes. We are just supposed to shut our mouths, surrender our freedoms, and say “yes please, shoot me up with your poison prick masters!”

These men and women we spoke to worked throughout the entire pandemic, and many, like nursing home medical worker Angela, had to wear the same dirty personal protective equipment (PPE) for months on end because of supply shortages.

Angela told the gruesome story of what it was like to work throughout the pandemic in the unsanitary NY nursing homes, along with the grave patient mistreatments. She watched tons of elderly men and women spend the last months of their lives without the company of any loved ones. You can listen to the full story on the podcast here.

(Episode 36 STWF Podcast with Angela)

Take another healthcare worker Bree, who after contracting and testing positive for COVID at her job a month ago, fully recovered and was told she could get a medical exemption for 90 days. The caveat is that her medical exemption was ONLY granted because early on, Pfizer recommended against getting the COVID-19 vaccine within 90 days of testing positive for COVID; not because her work is honoring that she now has acquired immunity.

(STWF Live with Restauranteur Andrew Gruel & Bree)

Pre-COVID-19 science along with pre-COVID-19 CDC information would have classified Bree as having acquired immunity (immunity you have throughout your life) that she gained from active immunity to COVID-19, which occurs from one of two ways:

  1. Naturally:  immunity from exposure to an infection (aka natural immunity)
  2. Artificially: immunity from exposure to a vaccine 

The other way to acquire immunity to something is passively; which occurs when immunity is passed from one human to another via antibodies.  An example of passive immunity is a nursing mother passing antibodies to her newborn baby via her breast milk.

I have included a little picture below to spell out the elementary science behind this amazing thing called immunity.


(Photo courtesy of

So, for all you COVIDIOTS who have already had COVID and are getting vaccinated, or are calling unvaccinated people who have already recovered from COVID-19, selfish “grandma killers,” you need to stop.

Oh, and here’s a little secret that will burst your holier than thou, self-righteous, virtue-signaling bubble: people with natural immunity actually have a way better chance of fighting the good ol’ CCP Virus than those that are “protected” by the COVID-19 “vaccine.”

Bold thing to say Melissa, but don’t Karen me just yet, I am going to unravel all the confirming evidence.

Just this past September, an Israeli study revealed daunting evidence: natural immunity to COVID-19 is far superior than the COVID-19 vaccine. This should all make perfect sense, considering our bodies naturally produce and store antibodies to viruses and illnesses after we are exposed to them if we survive the illness.

Even more amazing news is that the COVID-19 virus has about a 98.4-99% survival rate. Statistically, because we at Speak Truth Without Fear like facts, this means you’re actually about 10 times more likely to die of a heart attack than a COVID-19 infection.

Instead of praising this and stopping the unconstitutional mandates, the CDC, in true tyrannical fashion, changed the definition of a vaccine, removing “immunity” and replacing it with “protection.” The only bad thing about immunity is that it’s FREE. 

(Photo from RAIR Foundation)

Also, prior to the new COVID-19 experimental mRNA biologic being misrepresented as a vaccine, vaccines actually did provide immunity by giving us small molecules of a virus or bacteria called antigens.

Let me explain the difference between regular vaccines and the mRNA biologic using terminology from a report by Gil Ainbinder, where he also exposes how Moderna failed to disclosed funding from DARPA:

        “Conventional vaccines usually contain inactivated pathogens that mimic the infectious agent. When administered, they stimulate an immune response. In mRNA-based vaccines, however, no pathogens are introduced. Rather, the instructions on how to produce an immune response are encoded in mRNA and provided to a subject.”

I explain the nefarious underpinnings of the CCP virus, Lord Fauci, Moderna, Gates, and Big Bad Government in my prior article.

Never before has any gene-encoded mRNA “vaccine” been injected into a human with full FDA approval (side note: none of them being produced have full approval either, but keep reading to find that out). Especially one like the COVID-19 biologic; which alters your cellular structure by placing a spike protein in your cells. Maybe, just maybe, that’s one of the many reasons why people are saying ‘no’ to being subjected to this experiment.

Project Veritas released footage of Health and Human Services whistleblower, Dr. Maria Gonzalez, saying verbatim “the government doesn’t want to show the darn vaccine is full of shit.” Well, based on evidence, Dr. Gonzalez is medically accurate in her assessment. Real vaccines give immunity, mRNA gene-encoded biologics….eh, kind of dicey.

(Photo screenshot from Project Veritas YouTube channel)

On October 4th, Project Veritas released undercover footage of 3 Pfizer scientists, Nick Karl, Chris Croce, and Rahul Khandke, providing evidence about the vaccine: it is far less superior to natural immunity; you should be able to prove you have antibodies; and that there’s massive lying and censorship occurring within Pfizer’s organization. On October 6th, Project Veritas also broke a story of Pfizer executives trying to hide the usage of aborted fetal cells in their vaccine research.

Gee, what a shocker considering a May 2010 research article “Tough on Crime? Pfizer and the CIHR” published in the Healthcare Policy Journal revealed the following evidence:

          “Pfizer has been a ‘habitual offender,’ persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results. Since 2002 the company and its subsidiaries have been assessed $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards. The $2.3-billion settlement in September 2009 – a month before Dr. Prigent’s appointment – set a new record for both criminal fines and total penalties. A link with Pfizer might well advance the commercialization of Canadian research – unhindered by law or morality.”

Interesting to note Dr. Bernard Prigent is still the Vice President and Medical Director of Pfizer Canada.

                        (Photo Excerpt from IHE Innovation Forum IV – Innovation and Economics)

Project Veritas exposed a video recording of experienced Pfizer biochemist Nick Karl, as covered by Piere Boralevi of LifeNews, explaining how when a person is naturally exposed to the virus, their body actually makes antibodies for the entire virus. However, the COVID-19 vaccine only protects you by producing antibodies for “one, outside portion of the virus.

Nick stated, “When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus;” and continued, “not only that outside portion [but also] the inside portion, the actual virus. So, your antibodies are probably better at that point than the vaccination.”

      (Screen shot from Project Veritas Video)

I concur Nick. Thus, those with natural antibodies for the entire virus would logically have stronger defenses against the virus than the lousy COVID-19 vaccine that covers only a portion of it.

(photo from Project Veritas)

Pfizer Senior Associate scientist Chris Croce disclosed to an undercover journalist what we all presumed, but nonetheless it’s still shocking to hear; “the current spike in the Delta variant is likely caused by the rapid waning of antibodies among vaccinated people rather than by the variant itself.” According to Croce, “They [the vaccinated] are still protected but don’t have that 95% percent efficacy. It’s more like 70%.”

Ergo, the vaccinated people are infecting the unvaccinated via the waning of antibodies from the jab, not the actual variant.

Sounds like the bioweapon theory I proposed in my prior Fauci article isn’t so off after all. The cure is worse than the disease.

The rest of Chris Croce’s conversation with the Project Veritas journalist is below: 

  • Veritas: “So, I am well-protected [with antibodies]?”
  • Chris Croce: “Yeah.”
  • Veritas: “Like as much as the vaccine?”
  • Croce: “Probably more.”
  • Veritas: “How so? Like, how much more?”
  • Croce: “You’re protected most likely for longer since there was a natural response.” Croce expressed dismay with his company’s direction and moral compass:
  • Veritas: “So, what happened to the monoclonal antibody treatments?”
  • Croce: “[It got] pushed to the side.”
  • Veritas: “Why?”
  • Croce: “Money. It’s disgusting.”
  • Croce: “I still feel like I work for an evil corporation because it comes down to profits in the end. I mean, I’m there to help people, not to make millions and millions of dollars. So, I mean, that’s the moral dilemma.”
  • Veritas: “Isn’t it billions and billions?”
  • Croce: “I’m trying to be nice.”
  • Veritas: “No, I hear you. I hear you. I do. I mean, I’ll still give you a hard time about it.”
  • Croce: “Basically, our organization is run on Covid money now.”

COVID-19 money is also being doled out to states and school districts, among countless other organizations throughout the United States, to bribe, coerce, and reward COVID-19 compliance, paid for by none other than the CDC themselves.

A brave mother released a video recording taken from an Illinois school board meeting that proved the Illinois Vandalia School County School District received $5,750,647 million dollars from the CDC for compliance with the COVID-19 agenda. Illinois as an entire state has received over $5.4 billion dollars for their compliance.

(Screenshot of a Mom at Illinois School District Meeting From Honeybee7’s YouTube Video)

Not surprising considering Illinois is arguably one of the most corrupt state governments in our country. Illinois spends nearly $550 million taxpayer dollars every year merely investigating political corruption

Luckily we have patriots all across America stepping up as citizen journalists. 

I strongly encourage you to head over to our Rumble to watch and listen to the full collection of our ‘From Hero to Fired’ series.

Additionally, STWF would like to give a huge thank you to attorney Mike Yoder, who is representing the plaintiffs in Costin et al. v. Biden; the brave military and government workers who are suing the Biden Administration against these illegal federal mandates, which will set the stage for them being deemed unlawful on the local and private level.

Mike exposed how the Pfizer vaccine that was FDA approved (with 10 ingredients) has never been actually put into the production. The Pfizer vaccine “We the People” are getting pricked with has an extra mystery 11th ingredient. Therefore, no vaccine available to the public is FDA approved; they are all only authorized under emergency use.

Mike exposes all these facts on Episode 33 of our STWF Podcast

(Episode 33: STWF Podcast with Attorney Mike Yoder)

To support Mike’s attorney fees, the plaintiffs in his case created a GiveSendGo fund. Please donate if you can and also stop by Mike’s website to download a free religious exemption template.

(Costin et al. v. Biden GiveSendGo photo)

The COVID-19 virus and draconian protocols have made the CCP exponentially more wealthy and powerful. I exposed this rabbit hole in a prior STWF article which detailed how from October 2019 to October 2020, the CCP’s GDP industrial profits increased 28.2% due to their monopoly on crucial medical supplies and medicine ingredients.

Additionally, COVID-19 has been one of the biggest wealth squeezes in history and has created 9 pharmaceutical billionaires.

I say this truth with the hope it sinks into even the thickest of skulls: the COVID-19 agenda is not about our health; it’s about money, power, and control! 

 (Headline from Hanna Ziady’s Article on CNN Business)

In their new #1 trending song “This is a War,” independent music artists Jimmy Levy and Hi-Rez reveal: This is a war on religion, this is war on the children, they give you the cure with the sickness.


             (Image from Jimmy Levy’s Instagram)

(Image from the Official Music Video, “This is a War”)


       (Image from the Official Music Video, “This is a War”)

A week after a major music label told Hi-Rez he was too controversial to work with, he and Jimmy are at #1 on iTunes. The guys were on NEWSMAX last night. The message here is that no matter how much fear they try to instill to stop us, UNITED WE WILL STAND and as Jimmy Levy said, “all glory is to God.” 

(Image from Hi-Rez’s Instagram)

In closing, we will leave you with Ephesians 6:12 to remind all of our readers this important truth: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

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