The 2020 Showdown

*Written two months before the 2020 U.S. elections, this is a retrospective piece*

By John Harmon McElroy

Published: August 26, 2021 Noon EST

(5 minute read)

The Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) proclaimed by the head of the United Nations’ World Health Organization on January 30, 2020 which he escalated to the status of “a pandemic” on March 11 has had no fewer than eight severe consequences for America’s culture or way of life.

The belief that every American must work – the core of America’s cultural belief in self-determination – has been devastated by the unprecedented sudden loss of tens of millions of jobs which quickly wiped out President Trump’s full-employment economy.

Three personal liberties guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights – the right to peaceably assemble, freedom of religion whose essential feature is communal worship, and free speech in normal political meetings – have been abrogated, leaving only the First Amendment’s right to petition government and freedom of the press fully intact. 

An alleged health rationale for mail-in voting only to the exclusion of in-person voting has set the stage for massive electoral fraud in the 2020 U.S. elections.

The number of Americans beholden to Big Government and the size of the national debt have soared together as the federal Treasury has distributed trillions of borrowed dollars to out-of-work Americans and Americans who didn’t apply for aid.

Despite the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment which stipulates no one shall be deprived of property “without due process of law,” millions upon millions of Americans have had their use of their property diminished or banned by fiat without recourse to courts of law; thus arbitrarily either greatly reducing or canceling its value. 

In-person education from kindergarten to professional schools, and everything in-between, has been abolished throughout the United States. 

The coast-to-coast closure and secular regulation of houses of worship is enervating belief in God in the United States, the cornerstone of American culture (see the first two and concluding paragraphs of America’s Declaration of Independence).

And, the already great divergence between Americans grateful to be Americans who want to see America’s way of life handed on to future generations and those who want to see a radically different culture established, based on atheism, “social” justice, and unlimited government control, has become a truly dangerous divergency.

These eight results of the WHO “pandemic” climax decades of assault on America’s culture from within the United States which the “Counter Culture” of the 1960s launched and “Political Correctness” has sustained. To get American forces out of South Vietnam so communist North Vietnam could take over an entire country was the initial goal of this domestic anti-American movement, a goal achieved in 1973. The movement’s long-term goal has been to destroy the beliefs and behaviors of America’s Judeo-Christian, free-market, constitutional culture – the source of U.S. power – and replace them with Marxian dogmas and practices. Five days before being sworn in as U.S. president on January 22, 2009, Barack Obama approvingly referred to his impending presidency as ushering in such a “complete transformation” of America.

Had the head of the UN’s World Health Organization, Tedors Adhanom Ghebreyesus, omitted the middle syllable in the key term of his March 11 proclamation, he would have been expressing its actual purpose. In proclaiming his pan[demi]ic that day, he said a new virus from China had infected 118,000 persons in 114 countries and had killed 4,291 persons, and that these “alarming” statistics compelled him as head of the World Health Organization to declare a “pandemic.” But 118,000 infections in a global population of 7,800,000,000 is not a pandemic, a term which means an unusually high proportion of the demos, or populace, of a country or number of countries has the same contagion. The term epidemic is used to refer to a rapidly spreading illness.

The figures cited by the WHO director were like those of some seasonal flu, none of which had ever led to “locking down” many fundamental American civic, economic, educational, religious, and social behaviors. The U.S. media amplified the WHO pan[dem]ic by their panic-inducing assertions that this Chinese virus was extraordinarily lethal, was spreading like wildfire (“exponentially”), and could kill maybe 2.2 million Americans. Incessant repetitions of such dire, unsubstantiated claims got most Americans to put on masks and comply with the dictates. “Shelter in Place” (Self-Quarantine At Home) and “Social Distancing” (Keeping Six Feet Apart In Public).

To justify the demands of the U.S. managers of the WHO pan[dem]ic would require proving an extraordinary proportion of America’s population of some 320,000,000 has this Chinese virus, which is unproven. And please consider this. If masks effectively prevent the virus’s spread, why are “social distancing” and “sheltering in place” also needed? If they don’t then why wear them? Perhaps mask-wearing isn’t a preventative as much as it is a sign of obedience to the managers of the pan[dem]ic. Perhaps the actual purpose of mask-wearing is to get every American to manifest their conformity to the demands of the WHO pan[dem]ic. And why was the six-foot space between persons called “social” distancing when “safe” or “healthy” distancing would have more explicitly supported the alleged purpose of the interval? Only those who got the American people to use the term “social justice” could answer that question. 

Should we overlook the ruinous culture (and health) consequences of the WHO’s pan[dem]ic proclamation? Only if we deny that American culture is under attack.

The year 2020 will decide whether America’s “transformation” will be completed. The people of every State in the Union ought to recognize the fact that the Marxist movement within America has become rampant, and that its vicious lies, proposals, and partisan violence can no longer be regarded as tolerable.


A University of Arizona professor emeritus, John Harmon McElroy is the author of Agitprop in America (London, Arktos, 2020). A graduate of Princeton University, he was twice appointed a Fulbright Professor of American Studies.