Rules for Thee, Not for Me – Emmys Edition

By John Hale

Published: September 23, 2021 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

Despite having a large crowd in close quarters, there is no mask in sight, nor social-distancing in place (CBS).

Another week, same ol’ hypocrisy. 

Not even a week after self-proclaimed socialist Congresswoman Alexander Ocasio-Cortez strutted around the Met Gala in her now infamous “Tax the Rich” dress at the most extravagant party of the year (maskless), Hollywood’s finest gathered in Los Angeles for the annual Emmys 2021 awards ceremony, and it did not take long for the photos of barefaced celebrities to set Twitter alight

In the photos, zero attending guests were seen wearing a mask or face-covering. Neither was any social-distancing protocol practiced. After 18 months of virtue-signalling, and shaming everyday Americans for not wearing masks, you would think these celebrities would lead by example. However, all that virtue-signalling is just that, virtue-signalling.

Meanwhile, children around the nation, fully vaccinated or not, are being forced to wear masks all day at school. Currently, 16 states and Washington D.C. have implemented mask mandates in schools. In a now-viral video, a little boy was seen forced to wear a mask, despite crying aloud; he was clearly being emotionally abused.

This is yet another example of hypocrisy from the so-called Hollywood elitists. In some of the circulating photos, event staff were seen wearing masks while the celebrities were not. This is not even an issue of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of masks, this is purely an issue of hypocrisy and privilege; and Los Angeles County confirmed as much. 

To be fair, this is probably all just a joke to our Hollywood stars. Seth Rogen did not waste any time to address the elephant in the room. Upon taking the stage, the evening’s first presenter roasted the room of attendees, musing aloud, “Let me start by saying there is way too many of us in this little room.”

We’re all Brad today, I for one would like to hear the “science” behind that, or this.


When will we say enough is enough? When will the child abuse end?

When we stand up and fight back.