Pervert Politicians Against ‘MAGA’

By Matthew Thomas

Published: June 21, 2022 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

Scott Wiener, a California state senator most known for SB 145 – pro-pedophile legislation which relaxes sex offender registry requirements for adults who commit sex crimes against minors – has been quiet over the past few months. He recently reappeared on Twitter, where he proposed adding ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ to K-12 curriculum in public schools.

Along with the help of abortion and vaccine workgroup member Buffy Wicks of the Democrat supermajority, Wiener also proposed a bill to remove tax exemptions from companies that are found guilty of “inciting insurrections” on the anniversary of January 6:

This bill would authorize the Attorney General to make a finding that a tax-exempt organization has actively engaged in, or incited the active engagement in, acts or conspiracies defined as criminal under specified federal law, and likely to produce imminent violation of that federal law. The bill would require the Attorney General to notify the Franchise Tax Board of such a finding, and would state the existing authority of the Franchise Tax Board to revoke the tax-exempt status of the organization found to be in violation.

If this bill passes, anyone who exercises their God-given right protected by the First Amendment and bucks the government and media narrative, can be defunded or hit with heavy taxation.

This feels like a failsafe to the disinformation board. The Democrats have discovered that the American people will not cede free speech to federal agencies, but if there is a monetary punishment, they might be less willing to point out the obvious fallacies of January 6, or the evidentiary claim that Biden’s voter base was more dead than alive.

Think of how this could impact the future campaigns of America First candidates or non-establishment ones. One wrong tweet or soundbite could put you in jeopardy of being outspent by your political opponent which would make it damn near impossible to win.

This is something we should all keep an eye on, and I will be calling my legislators to tell them this bill is a blatant attack on the First Amendment. We have the Constitution for a reason, and this bill is a flagrant disregard of our founding principles.