One Nation, Without God

By Melissa K

Published: September 21, 2021 Noon EST

(5 minute read)

In the wake of current events, it is evident that America is being run by a godless Oligarchy. What has occurred in Afghanistan over the last month, and America the last year, points to the hard reality that the only lives that matter to big Government and the Globalists, are those that support and feed their communist-socialist-elitist regime.

This same regime is cleverly being promoted across America under the guise of “progressive Democracy,” and is supported by both RINOs and the Democrats. But the word ‘Democracy’ has been used politically throughout history to conceal Communist agendas; just look to Cambodia’s “Democratic” Kampuchea Party, led by the Communist Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, which resulted in people being stripped of personal property, money, freedom of speech, right to religious beliefs, and ultimately, the genocide of around 2 million people. Pol Pot continuously lied to the world, boasting how his citizens were thriving, when in actuality, they were living in dire, deadly conditions.

Socialist-communist takeovers are normally not as rapid as they were in Cambodia; they are typically slower burning.

Just look to Cuba and Nazi Germany. The latter disguised their removal of God by instating the “Reich Church,” which placed every church and place of religious worship under the control of the Third Reich Nazi Party; the symbol of worship was changed from the Christian Cross to the Swastika; and the Bible was replaced with “Mein Kampf.” Hitler and the Third Reich persecuted and arrested any religious leader who opposed the Reich Church.

Picture: Third Reich “Swastika Cross”  photo credit:

Hitler did not openly promote himself as an atheist; in fact, he referenced God and Christianity in many of his speeches. However, his actions and beliefs were the complete antithesis of God’s instructions and the Ten Commandments, which clearly state, “love your neighbor as yourself” and “do not kill.”

The removal of God is being seen all across America; athletes kneeling for the National Anthem; Olympian Gwen Berry turning her back on the American flag; a school teacher having her students pledge allegiance to the “pride flag;” another AP History teacher, Gabriel Gripe, a proud Antifa member, openly bullying and pressuring students to follow his radical ideas, giving extra credit to students who to attend Antifa events and publicly shaming those who disagree with him; the humanitarian crisis at the border; Afghanistan; and Harvard University announcing atheist Greg Epstein as its new Chief Chaplain.

In many states vaccine passports are now required; totally destroying personal medical liberties and privacy. Last month in Illinois, mask mandates, and new threats of school closures happened, while Lollapalooza, a massive outdoor concert with millions of people, went on without so much as a peep.

On August 31, Joe Biden said of the Afghanistan crisis“For those remaining Americans, there is no deadline. We remain committed to get them out if they want to come out.”

Unfortunately, this is a complete falsity. The U.S. State Department, directed by Biden, ordered the shutdown of Kabul Airport; and just a few week days ago, reports said up to 1,000 Americans may still be stuck in Afghanistan, along with our precious allies. We have men, women, and children trapped in Afghanistan side by side with the people who helped us fight terrorism for the past 20 years; but the Biden-Harris Administration are importing undocumented aliens into the U.S. via boat and air (mainly through Abilene, TX), across our border.

The problem is that many of the undocumented aliens are coming here to seek aslyum, but they are not actual refugees. According to the United Nations Refugee agency, by standards of the 1951 Refugee Convention, “Refugees are people who have fled war, violence, conflict or persecution and have crossed an international border to find safety in another country.” Yet, according to FAIR, many of the illegal aliens flooding our borders are coming here for “opportunity” and “work,” and do not meet refugee status.

Meanwhile, refugees fleeing Cuba and Haiti to avoid actual persecution, are being turned away by the Department of Homeland Security, where they will meet death upon return to their homelands.

The answer behind the hypocrisy of the Left pushing for an open border, yet turning their back on actual refugees, is simple. They only want to allow entry to foreigners who will support their socialist agenda; the Cuban and Haitian refugees, along with our Christian Afghan allies, do not fit that criteria.  

Praise God that teams of Patriots have taken matters into their own hands. Two amazing foundations have teamed up to run self-funded missions to rescue our Americans and allies: Save Our Allies, led by Sarah Verardo, wife of wounded combat veteran Michael Verardo, and former military personnel Tim Kennedy and Chad Robichaux, and the  Nazarene Fund, led by CEO Tim Ballard, former CIA agent and Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, Glenn Beck and David Barton

Tim Kennedy and Chad Robichaux’s Operation Pineapple Express to Rescue those stranded in Afghanistan

Chad Robichaux, Glenn Beck, and David Barton discussing on Blaze TV the Biden Administration’s lies to the American people.  Watch here

To make the godless American disrespect even more glaring, Nancy Pelosi blocked the names of the 13 servicemen killed in Kabul from being read on the House Floor. Joe Biden used their memorial service as an opportunity to discuss his long deceased son Beau, who died from brain cancer and not his military service.  Joe was also caught checking his watch during their memorial, and later ignored the parents of the fallen heroes because it’s him they blame for the loss of their children.

Photo from The Daily Wire Instagram

Facebook even went so far as to disable the account of Shana Chappell, the grieving mother of fallen Marine Kareem Nikoui, who was killed in the ISIS bombing at Kabul; likely because she is a conservative and is actively expressing her disdain for President Biden.

In a time where Americans and Progressives worshipped wrongfully murdered criminal drug addict, George Floyd, building memorials of him across our Country, and promoted the most expensive man-made property destruction in U.S. history, our real heroes and God-fearing patriots are not only being completely disrespected but targeted as well.  Pastor and Purple Heart Veteran James Cusick is a great example of the hypocrisy. 

At Speak Truth Without Fear, we too have taken matters into our own hands to do our part. Our made in the USA, Honor Flag 13 t-Shirt, is for sale and we are giving 100% of the proceeds to the families of the fallen 13 service members killed in the Kabul attack. 

We have also created an online platform, to unite patriots in a space safe from anti-God Big Tech tyrants. We welcome you to join us in support of restoring faith and patriotism, and building up a God-fearing nation!