It’s Not a BORDER Crisis, It’s a HUMANITARIAN Crisis

By Melissa K

Published: July 20th

(6 minute read)

In an exclusive STWF podcast with Jorge Ventura from the Daily Caller, listeners were given first-hand details of the horrifying state of our southern border. Jorge, who quickly catapulted from a Daily Caller intern to a full-fledged reporter in just 4 days – after he broke the story of the Antifa/BLM riots at the Capitol in DC in May 2020 – is bringing his token fearlessness to his border coverage.

According to Jorge, who has been covering the border since it took a turn for the worse this past March, says it’s immensely more sickening in person than the mainstream media, and our swamp politicians care for us to know.

To Jorge, the fact the media is downplaying this crisis is an uncommon anomaly, as reporters are typically trained to “overhype” stories to boost ratings, rather than grossly downplay them.  

Jorge details his chilling first night at the border in the La Joya area of South Texas, where he personally witnessed 300 migrants – consisting of large units and unaccompanied minors – being apprehended by border patrol. As shocked as Jorge was, a border control agent informed him “this is just a small portion of what they are seeing throughout the whole southern border.” 

Needless to say, RECORD apprehensions have been occurring at our border throughout 2021.

In the month of May alone, 180,000 migrants were apprehended by border control. Keep in mind, these are just the people agents have actually caught. There are countless more “got-aways,” a term agents give to illegals they have been unable to locate.   

With numbers like these, the US is on pace to have well over 1 million people apprehended by border control agents by January 2022. Again, this figure does not include the “got-aways”, which is a much higher figure.

Jorge dove into how the cartels and human smugglers operate at the border. These criminals strategically place “family units” at specific places along the southern border; so border control agents will discover them, and have to put them through the multi-hour apprehension process. This tactic leaves other areas of the border unattended, giving the human and drug traffickers free rein to smuggle people across the border, outside of the distracted agents purview. 

I sarcastically used quotations around family units because the vast majority of these “units” are not made up of actual blood relatives.  Rather, they merely consist of units with women and unaccompanied minors.  

So what is the outcome of these illegal crossings? Well, I can tell you it’s not the heroic sob story of brave migrants risking it all to achieve the American dream. Nor is the surge a “white supremacist idea,” like the Socialist, unhinged whackjob AOC wants you to think. 

(photo courtesy of The Charlie Kirk Show)

The truth is, what’s happening at our border is a well orchestrated business – built and supported by the drug trafficking, human smuggling, and human trafficking trades.

If you think I’m exaggerating, hang tight because I’m about to share with you some utterly detestable facts. You know, those truthful realisms that make liberals, who ignorantly voted to support open borders, very angry. 

According to one border control official Jorge interviewed, since Joe Biden took office, there’s been a 600% increase in fentanyl entering our country, along with countless other illicit drugs.  Arrests of sex offenders have spiked 3166%.  Everyone at the border Jorge has spoken to shares the same sentiment, “we have never seen it this bad.”

(Photo courtesy of Jorge Ventura of the Daily Caller)

Although Hunter Biden probably isn’t complaining though, he’s likely enjoying his easier access to crack and cocaine. Remember when a little recording of Hunter boasting about smoking crack with late DC Mayor Marion Barry leaked this past May?  Marion isn’t the only “Barry” known for crack usage, but that’s a different story for a different day. 

Back to the well-oiled cartels which have been growing exponentially over the last 30 years.  Since the 1990’s, the cartels members have used the US as a breeding ground for their new runners, known as “Cartel Juniors.” Cartel Juniors are the kids of these cartel bosses’ pregnant wives and girlfriends who are smuggled into while still pregnant, so when they gave birth, it will be on US soil. Thus, their criminal offspring are able to receive dual US and Mexican citizenship. 

The Cartel Juniors, with their dual citizenship, are able to freely move between Mexico and the US, transporting whatever the heck they so choose. Additionally, through their US born sons and daughters, cartel members are allowed to set up businesses and buy properties, to run their illegal outfits and launder money.  

During his many trips to the border, Jorge has spoken one-on-one with many Texas southern border locals to better understand how the border crisis is personally hurting them. 

Robert Sanchez, a pastor in Texas, shared that, unbeknownst to him, the houses he owns and rents out to Mexican immigrants, were actually being used by the cartels as human trafficking “stash houses.”

Rancher Mike Miller of Uvalde County, Texas, has spent upwards of $100,000 to repair his property from repeated damage by illegal migrants. Miller was also shot by an illegal immigrant on his own property!

Uvalde, an area where drug traffickers and not family units cross, has also seen a 31% increase in migrant sexual assaults since January 2021.  Another rancher told Jorge that his wife was woken up in the middle of the night to someone banging on their door, only to find 25 illegals sitting on their front porch.

So, as concerned Americans, we must ask, why have Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and the swamp creatures running our country into the ground been so lenient on the border? 

Is it not implausible to wonder if it’s because the cartels, as Jorge disclosed, are making over $14 million a day on drug and human trafficking, and everyone’s getting paid off? 

And China, who controls both the leftists and the cartels, happens to be the main provider of fentanyl and fentanyl precursors according to a special report by Vanda Felbab-Brown in 2020.  

Not so far-fetched am I right?

Kamala Harris, arguably the biggest downplayer of this humanitarian crisis, considers her visit to El Paso (a more secure/safe border place) to be “adequate.”

Kamala, the same woman who locked up innocent black men for decades in California on weed charges, who also let off pedophile priests in California for 13 years straight. You may be wondering why there is a variance in treatment.  Well, the answer is simple – the innocent black men didn’t have the money to defend themselves or further her career, and the pedophile priests did. 

(Fox News Coverage on Kamala’s less than 7 hour border visit)

Just ask the hundreds of Catholic sexual assault victims in San Francisco. Peter Schweizer, President of the Government Accountability Institute, exposes Madame VP’s track record of filth in his book, “Profiles in Corruption”, one of my all time favorites.  

Susan Berry from Breitbart highlights Schweizer’s research on the matter which concluded that during her 13-year tenure as District Attorney of San Franciso and California Attorney General, pay-for-play Kamala Harris refused to prosecute even one case of priestal sexual abuse.  Alarmingly, this was during a time when sexual abuse charges against priests were rampantly coming to light across all 50 major cities in the US. 

I guess all the campaign donations from “the multiple law firms defending San Francisco priests against abuse claims” along with the $50,950 in donations by board members of the various San Francisco Catholic archdiocese-related organizations and their family members, wouldn’t have had any influence on her behavior.  

The liberal women who voted for her, especially those who have children, should be ashamed of themselves. In an obsessive need to see themselves as victims of the patriarchy, these females got played into voting in a woman who has turned a blind eye to child abuse, to further her political career, as covered by Liberty Paige. Kamala will do anything for a pay off. 

And by paid off, not only did she not try one case, but her office conveniently lost every single stack of evidence against these pedophile priests.  When attorneys for the survivors pushed to retry the case in 2010, no evidence could be found. Hundreds of victims will never get the justice they deserve thanks to this woman with no soul.

Remember, for every victim, there are seven waiting to come forward.  

And to no surprise, Beijing Biden, in his similar quid pro quo fashion, immediately passed new immigration legislation upon taking office, which reversed Trump’s prior Remain in Mexico Plan. Trump’s plan significantly decreased illegal border activity because it enabled US border control agents to return illegal migrants seeking asylum back to Mexico, where they would be held while they awaited processing.

Biden’s reversal of this plan has attracted and enabled massive amounts of illegals to enter the United States. The stark differences between the US and Mexico sides of the border are no secret to all parties involved. As soon as any illegal steps foot on US soil, they will be held for processing on the US side, and not returned to the dangerous, cartel controlled Mexican border towns.

It’s no coincidence the illegal migrants crossing the border are wearing Biden t-shirts. Yet, MSM and Democrats are still blaming Trump, and many sheep blindly believe the lie. 

(photo migrants wearing Biden shirts, courtesy of The Daily Caller)

So the question begs, who is paying Kamala, Biden, and the MSM puppets? Their past actions prove their ethical and moral compasses are all severely broken, and they will do whatever they are told to advance professional and financially. 

In Kamala’s case, I think we need only look at campaign donations to uncover that answer. No wonder the most unpopular Democrat candidate magically got propped up to be Vice President. The fact that women across America hailed her success, calling it historic, like fake Native American Elizabeth “Betsy” Warren, shows us the grave state we are in as a nation.  

How sad is it that women can become so quickly conditioned to hail any woman based on whatever pretenses the propaganda artists present on the news? Just because she’s a woman with a certain color skin, she’s historic? 

Feminism is truly a sickness. I’m left heartbroken to think that women and mothers voted for Kamala Harris, who not only ignored the voices of hundreds of victims, for MONEY, but destroyed any chance these victims would ever receive justice. 

The shame, ladies, is on you. 

U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas), in an interview with Texas Public Policy Foundation Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts” summed up the border like eloquently , “the challenges that we’re seeing down there are unprecedented in history. The worst we have ever seen. We are hearing reports that the Biden administration, in fact, its chief of staff, Ron Klain, said things are getting under control. Nothing could be further from the truth than that statement. It is a worsening crisis.

The border is NOT under control, it’s perpetually getting worse.

 Jorge Ventura was spot on when he said, this isn’t just a border crisis, this is a humanitarian crisis!”

Watch the full interview with Jorge Ventura here on STWF’s YouTube channel.