How Contagious is the Freedom Flu?

By Olivia Murray

Published: October 12, 2021 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

Over the last few days, Southwest Airlines cancelled more than 2,000 flights, causing massive travel disruptions across the U.S. 

The company quickly issued a statement, citing “ATC [Air Traffic Control] issues and disruptive weather” as the reasons for the disarray. However, this version of events doesn’t seem to be true; the Federal Aviation Administration stated, “No FAA air traffic shortages have been reported since Friday,” and the rumors of “disruptive weather” seem to be just that, rumors.

So what is the real reason behind these tremendous disturbances? The truth is, they aren’t about inclement weather or air traffic; they’re acts of civil disobedience.

Last week, Southwest Airlines announced that all 56,000 employees must receive the COVID-19 vaccine by December 8, 2021. The union that represents the pilots for the commercial airline sued, with legal filings stating, “The new vaccine mandate unlawfully imposes new conditions of employment.”

As this lawsuit is pending in the courts, pilots and auxiliary aircrew took it upon themselves to stand for freedom.

The actions of these principled patriots have created a ripple effect across the country. Just yesterday, #FreedomFlu became the number one trending hashtag on Twitter. Recognizing the courage of these rebellious aircrews, social media influencers voiced their support, and called upon them to ‘Hold the Line.’

Americans across the country are seeing this display of unity and liberty, and realizing the power to effect real change lies with ‘We the People.’

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” Fearlessness, like that which is demonstrated by these resolute few, is a contagion that cannot be restrained by corporate despotism.

Since the inception of these United States, Americans have possessed a spirit of righteous rebelliousness. What started as an oath between only 56 men sparked the Revolution that created the greatest country in history, and the most brilliant governing charter the world has ever seen. They mutually pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in the fight for Freedom.

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