Guerrilla Capitalism: A Lesson in (black) American History

By Matthew Thomas

Published: May 5, 2022 Noon EST

(4 minute read)

Before Rosa Parks, there was Claudette Colvin. Parks and Colvin were the first women to oppose segregated seating on the city-owned bus line in Montgomery, Alabama. The maltreatment experienced by these women spawned a citywide, and then nationwide protest against the lack of protections and rights for black Americans – ones which were enshrined into law with the adoption of the 14th Amendment.

With integration, entities that had fought so hard to oppress the black community had to shift their tactics, and the attacks have decimated black families and black wealth; but from this we can learn how to fight back against these corporations or systems that don’t have our families in their best interests.

Black history is American history, and important to study because as history shows, every bad government idea gets tested out in minority neighborhoods first. The ‘War on Drugs’ started when affluent middle-class, blue-collar cities in the Midwest – like Flint, Detroit, Gary, and Chicago – were flooded with crack cocaine before the current day opioid epidemic, which is the reason it still hasn’t ended.

Modern attacks on black fatherhood and masculinity have been spearheaded by BLM. Disguised as a group intending to right societal ills, their true goal was to launder money for the Democrat party, and buy large mansions with the rest. Many will remember the uproar when people found “we disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” in its actual mission statement.

America is becoming a giant ghetto. For example, in my state – California – the crime is so bad that the chief of the LAPD warned people to refrain from wearing expensive jewelry outside because of a spike in robberies. San Francisco, another former tourist destination, is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to clean up feces from the sidewalks. Ghetto, right? Most definitely is.

So what is ‘guerrilla capitalism’? Well, guerrilla warfare is when a small group of fast-moving entities attack a larger more conventional-type fighting force; and ‘guerrilla capitalism’ is the same concept, but instead fought with money and information, not bombs and guns. 

We saw the effectiveness of this strategy back during the Civil Rights era in the aftermath of Rosa Parks. Prior to the event, the black population made up about 75% of the bus riders in Montgomery. Even before Rosa, a lot of citizens had been harassed individually (Rosa said she had faced aggression from that particular driver before). However, after Parks, many black riders refused to ride and patronize an unjust institution.

Some people took to walking, and some switched to taxis – and it made a huge, positive, economic impact. Black taxi drivers offered the same fares as the bus, and this kept money circulating within the community, and greatly hit the pockets of the city transportation.

Fast forward to modern day. Corporations are out of control because we gave too much of our hard-earned money to them. The best way to return to a sense of normalcy again would be to starve them. How you say? Well in theory, it should be easy.

Tired of Disney? Their CEO wants a 50/50 ratio for hetero and LGBTQ+ characters in future movies. Nobody asked for that, nor wants it. My morals and politics won’t be compromised for a two-hour movie; I won’t be visiting any of their parks; buying any toys or merchandise; and most certainly won’t be watching their future programs or movies, or using their streaming service. Disney is the easiest company to boycott because they don’t make anything that people actually need. Netflix either.

Tired of the technocrats suppressing alternative and truthful information? There are browsers and sites that don’t censor conservatives or conspiracy theorists. Elon Musk used his dollars to buy Twitter over this. Imagine a free speech platform truly owned by the people and what it could do for the truther movement.

And last but not least public schools. I have seen videos of concerned parents being arrested or dragged from school board meetings because of things they disagree with in the curriculum, and masks and “vaccines.” Every single parent needs to hold those tax dollars hostage. If you disagree with the way traditional education is going, we must create feasible alternatives for all concerned parents of all income levels to be able to turn too.

It’s time to utilize guerrilla capitalism against the contemporary oppressors.