From Hero to Fired: When Do Good People Become Bad People?

By John Hale

Published: October 5, 2021 Noon EST

(3 minute read)

For the better half of 2020, during the peak of the CCP Virus, there was a constant narrative coming from mainstream media and the Democrats; all over the nation, CCP Virus cases were overwhelming hospitals (especially Intensive Care Units). It served as a justification for the oppressive nationwide lockdowns, and played a key part in manifesting the public hysteria. 

While no one should doubt the validity of the virus at all, questions have been, and should be raised on the inconsistencies surrounding the whole narrative of the pandemic. One thing that was consistent though, was the dedication of our frontline healthcare workers. Their sacrifices throughout the entirety of last year, and until this very day, are nothing short of heroic.

No American, Democrat nor Republican, progressive nor conservative, and everyone in between, can deny that. If there was one thing that people agreed on last year, and there wasn’t much, it was that our healthcare workers were heroes to the nation (okay, maybe not this lot).

New York City has now enforced vaccine mandates for most indoor activities (Excelsior Pass NY)

Those who embraced the “Thank You, Frontline Workers” rallying cry took a shocking turn this year, and betrayed those they claimed to support. “Two weeks to stop the spread” has now become “no vaccination, no participation in society.” Since the Biden Administration and Dr. Fauci signaled their agenda to push for vaccination mandates, yesterday’s heroes are now on the chopping block– and medical workers aren’t the only ones. First responders and government employees, lab technicians, and public school teachers have been marginalized and segregated. They’ve been discriminated against, and had their careers targeted for destruction– over their stands for personal choices and medical freedom.

‘Thank You’ sign outside of Mount Sinai Hospital amid the CCP Virus pandemic in New York City. Alexi Rosenfeld | Getty Images

The tyrants and their subjects now have a new name for their former healthcare heroes: “anti-vaxxers” and “grandma killers.” To the Biden Administration, these public servants are now deemed non-essential, and considered second-class citizens (sound familiar?). Tens of thousands of hard-working Americans have now been put on unpaid administrative leave. 

One common theme throughout this whole pandemic has been hypocrisy. Remember this? Or this? How about that? Conservative commentator Austen Fletcher (@fleccas) posted exactly what we’re all thinking.

A very strange pandemic indeed (@Fleccas)

This whole week, we at Speak Truth Without Fear have decided to focus all of our content on our heroes who have sacrificed so much for us during this government-induced pandemic. They are now standing up and exposing the medical tyranny that is being imposed on the hard-working American people. More and more individuals are realizing what medical tyranny and mandates are doing to people’s livelihoods and this nation. 

Jordan Sarmo and RossDuhBoss will be hosting some of these heroes, alongside our special guests on our Speak Truth Without Fear Instagram live shows.

One of these individuals is Ivan Didyk, who has been an ICU nurse for more than 5 years, and has been working long, brutal shifts day in and day out. His hospital recently rejected his religious exemption, placed him on unpaid administrative leave, and promised termination later this month. After giving his all to every one of his patients during the past 20 months, he is now labeled a “danger” for not getting the vaccine.

Make sure you tune in to hear these stories and first-hand experiences coming from our frontline workers. 

At the end of the day, we ought to ask ourselves this question; when do good people become bad people? And if the vaccine is that great, why do they have to push it so hard, to a point where tens of thousands of our former frontline “heroes” are getting fired during a “pandemic” that’s supposedly still overrunning our hospitals? 

Just some food for thought.