Foreign Policy Failure: Afghanistan

By Olivia Murray

Published: August 17, 2021 Noon EST

(3 minute read)

Joe Biden has effectively resurrected the Obama era legacy of an ‘America Last’ foreign policy. 

During the Obama-Biden years, relations with our ally Israel crumbled; the ‘Red Line’ fiasco in Syria caused the United States to become a global laughingstock; and American taxpayers funded a $1.8 billion cash payment to Iran, the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism. 

Then, everything changed in 2016. President Trump and his administration promoted a strong America, deterring global aggressors and attaining “peace through strength.” Historic peace deals in the Middle East, the departure from the catastrophic Iran Nuclear Deal, and dead terrorists who tested promises of swift justice

President Trump, as well as the American public, have long been vocal about their opposition to an endless war in Afghanistan. In fact, it seems as though the only supporters of involvement in Afghanistan are defense contractors. The issue is not a withdrawal, but the obscenely inept way in which it was done.


The situation in Afghanistan interfered with Biden’s vacation schedule, and he was forced to return to the White House to address the unfolding crisis. On social media, viral photos have made the rounds, documenting the military weapons and classified equipment worth billions of dollars now in the hands of the Muslim terrorists known as the Taliban. In a televised conference yesterday, Biden admitted the chaos escalated quicker than his administration anticipated, but refused to field questions from the press.

Biden not only jeopardized the lives of our troops and countrymen, but his hasty and amateurish exit has created circumstances where Afghans face guaranteed slaughter. According to Afghanistan’s United Nations ambassador, there are already reports of “target killings.”

Not only are people being hunted down for execution, but Afghan civilians are risking their lives as they attempt to flee the incoming regime of terror. A viral video shows Afghans clinging to an American military aircraft as it takes off before they drop to their deaths. 

Life under Taliban rule is oppressive, and in typical tyrannical fashion, Taliban fighters are confiscating personal weapons.


The approaching fallout from Joe Biden’s cataclysmic “withdrawal” has far-reaching consequences and risks. “Progressive” international policies lead to one humanitarian crisis after another. Thousands of women and children are already displaced, but Joe Biden plans to “speak out” against the human rights abuses they are sure to suffer.

A strong America makes for a safer world. Promoting Judeo-Christian values is the key to achieving security and liberty for people across the globe. The foreign policy of the Biden administration is accomplishing the exact opposite: destruction, displacement, and death.