Everything Woke Turns to…?

By Olivia Murray

Published: January 4, 2022 Noon EST

(1 minute read)

At a 2021 rally in Alabama, President Trump coined one of his most recognized phrases.

“Everything woke turns to shit.”

What did he mean?

To be “woke” means you are to be enlightened enough to ascribe to the failed policies of Marxism or American progressivism. Embracing “woke-ness” is a way of displaying one’s false sense of moral and intellectual superiority to that of a boneheaded conservative.

American culture and institutions have been under attack for decades, but the last year under the Biden regime has seen an acceleration of the destructive and transformative policies of a rabid Left. Below are some of the most obvious examples:

  • A military in shambles. While our enemies train for combat, we focus on the use of ‘gender pronouns.’
  • A pitiful Hollywood. The adoption of political rhetoric has relegated the industry of Clark Gable and Grace Kelly to the nation’s laughing stock.
  • Disgraced universities. Institutions that educated the most brilliant men in our nation’s history are now duping young Americans into taking on hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for degrees that don’t even equip them to flip burgers.
  • Crumbling cities. Places that birthed American innovation and greatness are now so overrun with crime and human feces they can barely function.

American progressivism is a cancer. Without any obstruction, it metastasizes and overwhelms whatever it touches.

Everything woke really does turn to shi*.