Elon Musk is Winning

By Rusty Shackleford

Published: April 26, 2022 Noon EST

(3 minute read)

By the time this article is published, the world may know Twitter’s fate. Regardless of whether the board blocks Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter for $43 billion or if they accept, Musk is winning.

Musk is winning in a way that conservatives can and should replicate. Can we all become multi-billionaires and take on tech-Behemoths and expect a chance of winning? No. Well yes, but that’s not the point. What we can do is start looking at our position in our neighborhoods, in our towns, and our places of business and find the crisis. There’s always a crisis happening somewhere, and that’s usually a place where change is not only necessary but welcome. Musk weaponized the censorship crisis and used his unique position to threaten either a complete takeover or stock price destruction; and there’s allegedly a Plan B.

Whenever the mainstream conservatives say “never let a good crisis go to waste,” it’s used as a lamentation, a complaint about the never-play-fair Lefties being hypocrites or bending the laws. They do not care about law, morality, or you or your family. Realize this, and therefore if you want to win anything worth winning and keeping, you will have to identify people’s pain and actually solve it. You will have to find a crisis that you could actually help with and fix it. Most people would rather complain and talk about what’s fair and unfair. This is a quagmire one should avoid and transcend.

The universe God created does not care about what is fair or unfair – fairness is for us to steward. If we want justice, we must work to create and enforce it. Nobody is going to do this on our behalf. If we are really lucky, we might get some elected officials who will advocate on our behalf, but we should not bet on it.

The harsh but freeing truth is that nobody is coming to help us. This is paralyzing if we believe we are powerless, empowering if we rise up to take responsibility for our fate. Our faith in God should not make us comfortable and lazy, but should harden us and make us ready and willing to take on the enemies of God who have positioned themselves against family, Him and our nation.

So what do we do? We start in our own homes first. Do we have adequate supplies to sustain ourselves? If we do, we move on to helping our neighbors – we don’t relegate them to our front lawn without food because they couldn’t see the writing on the wall. Once our neighborhoods are in order, we move on to the county, and then to the state level.

We cannot fall into the trap of trying to free the speck from our brother’s eye while a log resides in our eye. We cannot deceive ourselves by thinking that fixing D.C. or our state capitol will free us when we do not have margin built into our own lives.

I read Ron Paul in 2011 and became a completely cage stage Libertarian, more concerned about ending The Fed than securing my own block. We cannot simultaneously decry centralization while looking to end central powers and ignore our own lives. We have the most power the closest to our home, and the least power the farther we venture from it. I do not advocate a ‘bury your head in the sand’ approach, but we should mend our own fences before attempting to right the federal ship.