Big Pharma Identifies Their Target: Our Children

By Olivia Murray

Published: November 9, 2021 Noon EST

(3 minute read)

By our own complacency, the American public has bought into the lies of politicians and bureaucrats, believing they are our friends, and are motivated by what is best for us. However, that could not be less true, and we aren’t even their primary target; our children are.

These aggressions are being facilitated by corrupted corporations, all levels of government, and federal agencies; and they are unlimited in their scope. Underneath the shiny public image proffered to ordinary Americans is a depraved agenda, seeking to debase the innocence and purity of our own flesh and blood.

Perhaps the most obvious assault in recent news is the approval and propagandization regarding the COVID-19 shot for children as young as five. In a collaboration between Sesame Street and CNN, puppets and anchors pushed the shot, going back and forth about how it’s the best way to keep everyone “healthy.” Big Bird and Elmo also got in on the pharmaceutical proselytization, tweeting out the following:

Pfizer has an agitprop machine of their own, and launched a marketing campaign depicting children who take the shot as “superheroes.” Narrated in the precious voice of a young child with an obvious speech impediment, the advertisement portrays submission to clinical trials of an experimental drug as a ‘superpower.’

Other entities have gone to great lengths to advocate for the shot, some more aggressive than others, but consistently misinformed. From a banner sponsored by Children’s Medical Center Foundation, the COVID-19 vaccine is purportedly “one of the safest” in history. However, page 14 of an FDA briefing document details how the vaccine used for young children includes a new ingredient; and according to Pfizer’s own website, it is used to treat cardiac arrest.

The Speak Truth Without Fear community platform is quickly becoming the hub where like-minded individuals are gathering to coordinate. Whether it’s to share information and resources, or commune for support and encouragement, activists for liberty are uniting and organizing.

Medical freedom and parent’s rights are some of the main focuses within the community, and our activists are engaged and equipped for battle. Fierce mama bears have been leading the fight across the country, and Aly Alford is no different!