Build Back Better

How the Biden Administration is Destroying America

By Brent Steeno

5 min Read

In early 2020, the economy was humming. It was the beginning of the fourth and final year of Trump’s presidency and the United States economy was once again the envy of the world. The U.S. dollar was stronger than ever. The Dow Jones industrial average had broken through the 30,000 mark. Barack Obama’s socialist policies of hate, control and destruction were finally being reversed. Capitalism and conservatism once again controlled the world’s largest economy and brought untold wealth. Border walls were built and the tide against illegal immigration finally turned. Our foreign policy was strong again, and respected. Peace agreements no one thought possible were signed in the Middle East. North Korea was silent and China was afraid. The America-first policies of the Trump Administration far exceeded the expectations of even his most loyal supporters (no wonder the Democrats had to steal the election to win – but we can discuss that later).

Then, in March, the unheard of happened. A virus (COVID -19) originating in Wuhan, China reached the shores of the United States. The consequences were catastrophic. America’s economy was in free fall. The Dow Jones stock market index suffered a huge crash in one week. Almost every country across the globe suffered the same fate.

Yet despite the destruction of the economy by a virus sent from China; massive racial unrest aided by a media that lied, manipulated and refused to report the truth; a phony Russia investigation; two fake impeachment trials and much more, President Trump was able to steady the ship, stabilize the economy and prepare the United States for another massive comeback. Whoever assumed the presidency in 2021, the Trump administration had set the next administration up for success. The stage was set for an economic revival, the virus was largely contained, and the world would soon return to normal (or as normal as possible).

You never realize how fragile governments can be and how quickly they can fall until you experience it firsthand. History books tell of  the fall of great empires like Egypt or Rome, you can watch the revolutions in Iran and the protests in Hong Kong, yet nothing can prepare you for the total degradation of a civil society. Despite facing more opposition than any sitting president, the accomplishments made by President Trump in four years have been nearly decimated by  the Biden Administration in just four short months. 

President Trump handed the Biden-Harris administration an economy predicted to explode. Yet what happened? Economic growth dropped. To say the latest jobs report was a disaster would be an understatement. Economists were shocked. All signs pointed to growth, but the numbers revealed  one of the most, if not the most, disappointing jobs numbers in history. Furthermore, the Biden-Harris Administration has completely failed  to address long-term unemployment. In fact, funding for job training has been curtailed, and stimulus checks and never-ending unemployment benefits have incentivized people to remain on the government dole.  

Over the course of four years, the Trump resurrect a lifeless economy, it brokered peace deals between nations historically at war. Hope and optimism that things would finally change in the Middle East grew quickly. But what happened? In less than  four months, the Biden-Harris Administration has tried to bring the United States back into the Iran nuclear deal, and once again, the Middle East is a tinderbox ready to explode. 

Since last month, missiles have flown between Israel and Palestine. The conflict continues to this hour, and is likely to escalate in the coming days. You have to ask yourself, why now? Why the chaos after four years of relative peace?

The fallout of progressive policies is far-reaching. We could easily mention the hordes of people crossing the border illegally. The termination of oil pipelines in America, crippling our energy independence and destroying the jobs of thousands of hard-working Americans. The proposed tax increases for an infrastructure plan where virtually nothing goes to actual infrastructure. We could call attention to the spiking inflation currently taking place in the United States. The price hikes for necessities like food and gasoline. We might talk about the destruction of American institutions: the push to pack the Supreme Court or the indoctrination of our youth into Marxist ideology via Critical Race Theory (both of which are promoted by the Biden-Harris Administration).Amid growing calls to investigate the origin of the virus, we could easily discuss the administration’s refusal to properly do so (only blind sheep believe it did not originate in the Wuhan lab).  Or certainly one of the most significant affronts we face is the disastrous “vaccine” roll-out, as well as the lies, hypocrisy and obstruction regarding CDC guidelines and dangers of the vaccine (which are many and the stories are horrifying). The list could go on and on. 

Sadly, four months into the Biden-Harris Administration, we are left with two possibilities as to what is happening: 

  1. They really have no idea what they are doing. They were handed a silver platter. They were given the playbook. If they had just followed it, corporate media would have lied and distorted the story (as they always do) and given the Biden-Harris Administration credit for everything. This administration could have gone down in history as one of the greatest of all time. 


  1. They actually know what they are doing. They are actively trying to destroy the United States, from within, as quickly as possible and it’s working. 

My heart hopes it’s the former, but my brain tells me it’s the latter. 

The Biden-Harris Administration ran with the slogan, “Build Back Better.” From what? President Trump gifted the Biden-Harris administration the keys to a completely refurbished 1962 Ferrari GTO in mint condition. What did the Biden-Harris administration do? They acted like spoiled teenagers and drove the car off a cliff. Only God can help us now.