“Blue Collar Joe” the “White Collar Criminal”

By: Melissa K

June 25, 2021

(6 minute read)

If you’re questioning Biden’s America last policies, you need only examine Biden’s character and historical political career for your reasons why.

Joe Biden’s political life began in 1972, when he was elected to the United States Senate at just 29 years old. The nation took sympathy to the young Senator as just a month after he was elected, the entire country watched him bury his daughter and first wife, who were both tragically killed in a car accident (Schweizer, 2020)

Joe Biden has been in office longer than most politicians, and indeed has had quite the “interesting career,” though he has never strayed from his true core; that of a racist, “progressive” Democrat, paid for by the corporations he supports.  

He literally gave the eulogy for his dear friend and mentor, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd (former Ku Klux Klan leader, recruiter, and staunch segregationist) back in 2010.

Yes, the same Senator Byrd who tried to oppose the Civil Rights Act back in 1964

                   “On this day in 1964, Everett Dirksen (R-IL), the Republican Leader in the U.S. Senate, condemned the Democrats’ 57-day filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Leading the Democrats in their opposition to civil rights for African-Americans was Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV). Byrd, who got into politics as a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan, spoke against the bill for fourteen straight hours. Democrats still call Robert Byrd “the conscience of the Senate” (Hoft, 2012)

If you think I’m making this up, you can see Biden’s eulogy video. Joe’s true colors are not hidden and yet, many Americans sadly believe he is going to help unify America.

Could you imagine if Trump gave the eulogy for a known KKK leader who created a chapter prior to taking office (Price, 2017)?!?!?

 Biden, verbatim, said in his opening remarks:

                “Bishop, Reverend Clergy, Mona and Marjorie, the entire Byrd family—if you didn’t already know it, it’s pretty clear the incredible esteem your father was held in,” (Grzeszczak, 2020). 

On top of it, Barack Obama also spoke at Byrd’s funeral saying: 

              “He was a Senate icon. He was a Party leader. He was an elder statesman. And he was my friend. That’s how I’ll remember him” (Grzeszczak, 2020)

Now I wonder what party Barry was talking about, the KKK party, or the Democrat party? Oh wait, historically they are one in the same. 

This picture from Byrd’s memorial, clearly shows John Kerry, Barack “Barry” Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Senator Jay Rockefeller, mourning their friend and KKK member’s death  (Huber, 2010).  

At a time in America where we support kneeling for BLM and the National Anthem, we also stand for former KKK member’s memorials. My oh my, the hypocrisy.

Remember it was Joe Biden who famously authored the Biden/Hatch Crime Bill which eventually became the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, in which he said, “rehabilitation is hard to achieve and we must make the streets safer and inmates MUST serve 85% of their time(Scoop, 2020)

You can watch the video of his crime speech which took place on 11/18/1993 here.

I’ll go further into the profitable, privatized, prison industry and the havoc Biden’s bill has wreaked on minorities, mostly black males, at a later date.  But this cast of characters pictured above should be of no surprise. Biden has famously labeled himself as “middle class Joe,” the blue-collar guy from Scranton, PA. But Biden is nothing short of a “white collar criminal(Schweizer, 2020)

Unfortunately, most Americans are too lazy to read or do their due diligence, and the powers that be who are all in bed with one another, are quick to cover their tracks and side dealings. 

The only reason Joe made it to office was by the “dealings” of his campaign finance chairman, his brother James Biden, who raised $276,000 for his brother’s 1972 Senate Campaign (Schweizer, 2020). 

Are you wondering who James got to donate?  

Interestingly enough, one of Joe’s main donors was none other than Jill Biden’s ex husband, Bill Stevenson, “a millionaire businessman who donated car defibrillators to the NYPD,” who supported Biden’s campaign with his then wife, Jill (Sidney, n.d.).  

Stevenson claims that Biden and Jill were having an affair in 1974, while Jill was still married to Bill.  

Stevenson’s revelation can be read here, but here’s an excerpt: 

               “Bill Stevenson also blows the whistle on a bribery scheme in which Joe’s brother Frank took $3,000 from Stevenson ahead of Biden’s first Senate race to hand to the boss of the teamsters union to ensure that copies of the Wilmington News Journal, which endorsed Biden’s Republican incumbent opponent J. Caleb Boggs, were delivered three days late — after the polls had already closed. (Sidney, nd) 

So even before he won his first Senate race, Joe Biden was bribing people through his family members to win.  

Just a month after this election, Joe Biden’s first wife Neilia and daughter died in a car crash.

Biden’s claim that he and Jill met on a blind date is a total lie. Even Jill’s ex husband and Jill herself in her book, claim otherwise. They knew one another long before 1975. 

Joe Biden also had the backing of his close friend John Cochran, former CEO of MBNA, the Wilmington, Delaware-based credit card company (Re, 2020; York, 2015). MBNA was conveniently absorbed by Bank of America back in 2006, and Cochran is now a Senior Executive at Bank of America. 

Cochran bought Biden’s home in 1996 for 1.2 million, two times its value (York, 2015). Could this have been Cochran’s means of buying off Biden? Remember historically, in the mid to late 90’s there was an increase in bankruptcy filings, and the financial services industry was trying to push for legislation that would make it harder for consumers to achieve bankruptcy protection 

York highlights the following in his 2015 article

               “Biden and MBNA have indeed developed a pretty cozy relationship. John Cochran, the company’s vice-chairman and chief marketing officer, did pay top dollar for Biden’s house, and MBNA gave Cochran a lot of money—$330,000—to help with “expenses” related to the move”. 

                “A few months after the sale, as Biden’s re-election effort got under way, MBNA’s top executives contributed generously to his campaign in a series of coordinated donations that sidestepped the limits on contributions by the company’s political action committee.

               “And then, a short time after the election, MBNA hired Biden’s son for a lucrative job in which, according to bank officials, he is being groomed for a senior management position.” 

(York, 2015)

Yes, HUNTER BIDEN, was paid as a “consultant” by MBNA (Golden, 2020). 

MBNA hired Hunter in late 1996, right around the time that Cochran bought Joe Biden’s house, and quickly promoted him to Senior Vice President in 1998. 

Why else would a wealthy CEO pay twice the asking price for someone’s home? 

Hunter left MBNA to work for the Clinton’s Commerce Department “on electronic commerce issues” (insert smirk) from 1998 to 2001. Again, mainstream media is quiet on this being a potential conflict of interest. 

MBNA hired him back as a monthly consultant to advise them on “such issues,” according to Obama aides (Drew & McIntire, 2008). Or was it to make sure the “big guy” got paid to carry out the precious wishes of his corporate backers?

Hunter’s consulting contract ended in 2005, around the same time that his father Joe helped push the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 through the Senate (Grassley, 2005; Drew & McIntire, 2008).  

Cochran is now conveniently the chair of the  University of Delaware Board of Trustees and is pushing to keep Biden’s Senate records sealed from the public, which include sexual assault allegations by claimant Tara Reade (Re, 2020; York, 2015).  

Oh and guess what the University of Delaware established back in 2018, the Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School of Public Policy and Administration (Bothum, 2018)  I wonder what the UD Students are learning in this school?  You can see our dear friend Joe, alongside cronies John Cochran and UD President Dennis Assanis at the celebration party below: 

(Bothum, 2018) 


Stay tuned for more future articles regarding the “White Collar Crimes” of the Bidens and the corrupt ways in which progressive elites and RINOs have used their families to accept financial kickbacks, line their pockets, and launder money. 


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