BLM & MAGA: The #FreedomFlu Merger

By Melissa Kathleen

Published: October 28, 2021 Noon EST

(5 minute read)

Last week, thousands of Americans met in New York Times Square to protest medical tyranny. The fight against the communist DEMONrats, gained some serious momentum, with an unlikely merger of two previously opposing forces; BLM and MAGA have unified to save America.

It appears BLM has pivoted from its prior focus on Marxism, to take a stand for what its name actually promotes! Caring about black lives! Reverend Kevin McCall, a Black Lives Matter activist, was there to represent BLM.

The New York Nets decision to indefinitely remove NBA star Kyrie Irving from their roster for his refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine has prompted an outcry from the public. The masses were unified in the calls against tyrannical measures, shouting ‘Let Kyrie Play’ and ‘Nazi Passports.’

Violence erupted at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Sunday, where supporters of Irving gathered. Many in the crowd donned “BLM” shirts and carried “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.

According to CBS News, Irving was bravely quoted as saying the following on an Instagram Live; “I am doing what’s best for me. I know the consequences here and if it means that I’m judged and demonized for that, that’s just what it is.” He continued with, “That’s the role I play, but I never wanted to give up my passion, my love, my dream just over this mandate.”

Irving is one of the few professional athletes to take a stance against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. As our editor-in-chief mentioned, vaccine mandates effectively reinstitute segregation under the guise of “COVID-19” status; especially for black Americans.

(Photo from America Out Loud, 2021)

Even though the tyrants label black Americans as “vaccine hesitant,” they are wise to distrust the medical and governmental institutions, especially when it comes to their health. Gary Bennett, PhD, Professor of Global Health and Medicine and the Director of Global Digital Health Science Center at Duke University stated, “It’s not just mistrust of the medical system, it’s mistrust of institutions.” Bennett went on, saying “There’s a lot of reasons for [Black people] to mistrust institutions.”

Historically, the black community has been the target of immoral medical campaigns in the United States. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study is one of many examples in U.S. history where Blacks have been treated “atrociously inhumanely” during medical studies as human subject “experiments;” which the medical field politely coined, as “unethical studies.”  

When the story broke in 1972, former Democrat Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin, a member of the Appropriations Subcommittee tasked with overseeing Public Health Service budgets, called the Tuskegee study “a moral and ethical nightmare.”

(Photo courtesy of Associated Press, 1972)

This grotesque stain on government funded “medical science” started in 1932 in Tuskegee, Alabama, and was run by the United States Public Health Services (USPHS) along with the Tuskegee Institute. At the time, Tuskegee had the highest rate of black men with syphilis in the country. 

The purpose of this longitudinal experiment was to “study the long term effects and progression of syphilis on the body” and involved 600 Black male participants (399 with the disease, and 201 without).  Syphilis is an extremely contagious sexually transmitted disease that leads to “blindness, deafness, deterioration of bones, teeth and the central nervous system, insanity, heart disease and death, if left untreated.”  

The men were never given informed consent to the actual nature or true purposes of the study, they were merely told they were involved in research to study “bad blood;” which could have been a host of ailments at the time. In exchange for their participation, they were given “free medical exams, burial insurances and free meals.”

Fifteen years after the study began, penicillin became an approved treatment to cure syphilis.  That would have been fantastic news for the participants with syphilis, had they ever been informed of the cure. To make a heartbreaking story short, the researchers in the Tuskegee study intentionally withheld syphilis treatment from the participants, so they could finish out their study on the full progression of the disease. 

It was in the mid 1960s, when Peter Buxton, an investigator of venereal disease at PHS, discovered the gravely unethical natures of the study and voiced concerns. PHS formed a committee that reviewed Tuskegee, in response to Buxton’s worries, but continued to progress with the study. Buxton shared his story to a friend who was a reporter, who then shared it with AP reporter Jean Heller; Heller was the woman who would eventually break the story in 1972. 

After a thorough investigation, the results of Tuskegee were damning; 8 participants died from syphilis, while one hundred others expired from related complications. Additionally, forty spouses from the study were diagnosed, and 19 of their children were born with the disease.

Public outrage, like what we are seeing today in New York, forced the study to finally come to an end. The lesson to be learned here is that the government has a long history of backing disgusting inhuman research, which continues to this very day.

We know that government institutes like the NIH have funded research using beagles, aborted babies, and the gain-of-function research from the Wuhan-Lab which created and released the COVID-19 bioweapon.

(2017 photo of a Fauci funded experiment using aborted fetal parts)

Prior to the release of the China Virus, DARPA and BARDA also financed Big Pharma companies like Moderna over the past decade to develop the mRNA altering gene therapeutics that have become the COVID-19 vaccine we see today.

The 25-page report on the failure of Moderna to disclose said federal DARPA funding in their patented inventions can be read here. Silly oversight I’m sure.

Lord only knows what the list of severe side effects will be when our current mass-scale human trials are completed, but we know they are plentiful. Considering last February alone, the number reported for adverse events for Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines was around 7,000; these numbers are typically gravely underreported.

I wonder what these figures will be a year later, after millions and millions of Americans have been coerced to comply with the COVID vax; or lose everything.

In true Big Government/Pharma fashion, they will lie, conceal, and censor all such data, until We the People take a unified stance.

The #FreedomFlu, backed by the power of the people, is starting to shine through America. The once comatose masses are starting to wake up.  

One thing’s for certain, the MSM and Democrats, who supported the George Floyd inspired BLM riots all last year, will have a tough time speaking out against the BLM demonstrations now.

As we all remember, the BLM riots of 2020, were the most ‘costly man-made destruction to American property to exist in history.’

On the bright side, it’ll be hard for MSM to keep calling MAGA supporters white supremacist radicals, when it’s clear that the MAGA movement consists of every nationality and race in America.

Who knew Biden’s dictatorship would be the reason for the underlying “unity” he proclaimed throughout his campaign. As the ancient proverb says “An enemy of an enemy, is a friend.

Speak Truth Without Fear will soon be launching community groups; among these will be abortion education, medical freedom, and how to get involved at the local level. To fight against tyrannical measures, we must first arm ourselves with truth and knowledge.

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