Biden Didn’t Steal Anything

By Olivia Murray

Published: January 18, 2022 Noon EST

(3 minute read)

Just this past Saturday, President Trump spoke in Florence, Arizona at the first Save America rally of 2022. He focused on the 2020 election, and the overwhelming evidence supporting the case that Biden did not legitimately win the state; rather, it was “stolen.” 

But using the word “stolen” implies it was taken without permission and knowledge. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Biden and his obvious accomplices didn’t defraud unaware Republican leadership; in fact, our GOP handed it right over.

Joining President Trump on the stage were several high-profile Arizona Republicans including Chairwoman Kelli Ward. Although she claims to be a staunch supporter of President Trump, her actions are questionable.

When Kelli Ward announced her run for the 2018 federal election, she ran as a conservative against Martha McSally. During her campaign, she published political literature that correctly identified her opponent as a globalist neocon who did not support President Trump.


Then, shortly after, Kelli Ward used her position as Chairwoman to give an unfair edge to McSally in the 2020 contested primary race, icing out the conservative choice and ignoring the base of the Republican Party.


Using GOP funds to support one candidate over the other in a contested primary violated party by-laws.


In the weeks following November 3, 2020, Dominion machines used in Maricopa County were to be signed to certify accuracy. County GOP Chairwoman Linda Brickman signed with “certificate denied” and demanded lawyers investigate. Who came to the rescue to allow the steal to proceed? Kelli Ward.


If we are principled at all, we must strive for objectivity. Members of the radical Left are not allies, but they are not our biggest threat. The most dangerous enemy we face is the enemy within, the Marxists that have infiltrated and are masquerading as conservatives.

We must be more scrutinous to those claiming to be “patriots” or “conservatives” than to the Democrats or the self-identifying communists. This is how we take our party and country back; holding our own to high-standards of truth, morality and justice. We must lead by example.