Arizona Swamp at the Legislature

By Olivia Murray

Published: March 8, 2022 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

In Arizona, Republicans control both chambers in the legislature, as well as the governor’s office. Although they possess the ability to pass conservative measures, the focus is on destroying the grassroots momentum across Arizona.

Although the uni-party is a problem everywhere, it is especially conspicuous in Arizona. Former Arizona Senator John McCain campaigned on repealing ObamaCare, yet was the deciding factor in its preservation. Under the leadership of Karen Fann, the current president of the Arizona Senate, the chamber in charge of the audit cut a deal with Maricopa County to forgo access to the routers used in the presidential election, instead opting to hand custody over to a “special master.”

The corruption goes on ad nauseam, and efforts to hold politicians accountable are undermined by Republican Party leadership. After Governor Doug Ducey signed off on the suspected fraudulent election results, Tucson radio pundit Garret Lewis hosted Arizona GOP Chair, Kelli Ward. When asked if she would support a recall, Ward erupted. Not surprising though, seeing as she was the one responsible for certifying the “accuracy” of the machines used in Maricopa County.

For many conservatives, the first step in securing Arizona was to restore constitutional and conservative values to the party they most closely align with; the Republican Party. Across the state, they began to fill elected and appointed positions for Precinct Committeeman, gathering support to oust poor leadership and eradicate the Establishment.

However, just last Thursday, the Republicans in the state legislature put a stop to the sovereign people of Arizona. In less than a day, both houses passed HB 2839, which was then signed into law by the governor that night.

What was the bill? It suspended elections of Precinct Committeemen, the avenue used by patriots to bypass Establishment cronies and reverse the course of corruption. Every single Republican in the Senate, with the exception of one, voted for the bill.

The last provision read this: “This act is an emergency measure that is necessary to preserve the public peace, health or safety and is operative immediately as provided by law.”

What was the emergency? Patriots.