Afghanistan: What Happens Without Strong Leadership?

By Olivia Murray

Published: August 19, 2021 Noon EST

(2 minute read)

As the fallout from the crisis in Afghanistan continues, Americans are seeing what the world looks like with a total lack of qualified and tough White House leadership.

Under the Biden administration, tens of thousands of Americans remain in Afghanistan, but instead, the United States government bailed out Afghan nationals. In a viral photo, an American C17 evacuated 640 people, almost entirely young fighting-age males. When confronted by George Stephanopoulos, Biden dismissed the chaos saying it was “days ago.”

Not only is the US government abandoning the very citizens it exists to protect, the ineptitude of the despots running the country has created a vacuum of power in Afghanistan itself. Within this void, the Taliban has made a calculated and powerful resurgence. 

The Taliban has declared the revival of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and intends to resurrect the reign of terror with a return to a strict interpretation of Sharia law. Severe inequality is a hallmark of Sharia law, and despite the “pledge” to respect women, their actions demonstrate the opposite. 

In the Takhar province, Taliban fighters shot and killed a young woman for leaving her home without a burqa. As she lays dying on the ground in a pool of blood, her mother and father crouch beside her attempting to render aid.

Violence perpetuates elsewhere, ironically (or perhaps not so much), women and children are held at gunpoint by members of the Taliban in front of a United Nations display promoting an agenda of their values, one of them being ‘gender equality.’

Western culture and ideologues of Islam do not mix. Principles of freedom and individual value and liberty are antipodal to an oppressive and radical religious philosophy. 

In the absence of strong American leadership, we see tyrants and evildoers around the world emboldened, whether it’s due to cowardice or incompetence. Those intent on subjugation and murder do not respond to weakness. Without the threat of annihilation, they continue to exploit and victimize.

John Winthrop delivered a sermon in 1630, made famous by his adoption of the phrase “a city on a hill,” derived from Christ’s Salt and Light instruction at the Sermon at the Mount. 

America must recover our heritage of Judeo-Christian values, and as a superpower, there maintains a heavy yet glorious burden of responsibility to promote objective moral authority through courageous and fierce leadership.