Jordan Sarmo, a career musician and producer based out of Los Angeles was never publicly open about his support for President Donald Trump due to the FEAR of being canceled from working in the entertainment industry. That all changed on January 6th, 2021. After the overwhelming amount of evidence surrounding voter fraud in the November 3rd Election, he knew he could no longer remain silent and joined 1M patriots in Washington DC on January 6th in support of President Trump and Election Integrity. He documented the historic day and recorded evidence that contradicted the narrative and distortions spread by the corporate media. As a result he was cancelled and shadow banned on big tech social media platforms.

Seeing this as a nation wide crisis of the utmost importance, he was compelled to do something about it, and thus SPEAK TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR was born.

With this new organization, his main mission is to inspire others to be bold with what they believe, stand for TRUTH and NEVER surrender to the fear of being canceled. Throughout the History of our republic, our greatest achievements in this experiment of self government were defined by the men and women courageous enough to speak fearlessly and selflessly. It is time for We The People to rise up, get organized and apply pressure on our local government officials to do their job and TELL THE TRUTH.

Simply put, we believe in America First and that our rights and freedoms are God Given.



Our mission is to create a network of the most influential Freedom Thinkers in order to make ordinary Americans empowered to be fearless with the truth and aware of how they can practically pressure our government officials to fight for us and tell the truth. When we come together, we amplify our voices to a new level and the majority can no longer be silenced. A united voice, along with taking action, will ensure that we are heard and that the freedoms and values our founding fathers fought for are never lost.

We The People have the true power and influence. That is why our mission goes beyond our voices. We are organizing local governmental efforts as well as educating others on how to do the same in order to achieve effective and long lasting change. Our hope is to encourage, inspire, and provide guidance to ALL people who value freedom to be courageous and get involved. Be the change you want to see. The time is now to speak the truth without fear.


Are you interested volunteering your time and skill as a content creator, writer or videographer? We are interested in speaking with you about joining the STWF army of influencers.